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A Lot’l Axolotls is Canada’s premium source of Axolotl breeders and aquarium products. We provide animal lovers with everything they need to be an expert Axolotl owner. Having somebody to rely on for pet care advice is always reassuring. We provide our knowledge and expertise to all Axolotl owners, whether you've purchased from us or not.

Happy and Healthy Axolotls

We offer customers a wide selection of healthy and active axolotls at competitive prices. They come in a vast range of morphs which can be refereed to as their patterns and colors. No two morphs are exactly alike, making each axolotl truly unique from one another.
Our team always takes every step to raise each Axolotl with care to ensure they are always at their peak, from the moment they are hatched to the moment they reach your home.

High-Quality Global Shipping

While Axolotls can only be sold and shipped throughout the US and Canada, A Lot’l Axolotls offer Axolotl products and related aquarium products anywhere around the world. Quickly and easily get Axolotl food, fish flakes, water conditioners, and supplies delivered straight to your door.
1-2 day shipping available throughout all of the US and Canada. Local community pick-up and is also available for customers in the US and Canada.

Quality Guarantees and Policies

Whether you’re a new axolotl owner or a long-time enthusiast, having a beautiful and health Axolotl is always going to be your families priority. We guarantee the health and condition of all Axolotls to the moment they arrive at your front door. We have a fair and comprehensive shipping, DOA, and quality policy/guarantee. We always advise everyone to take a moment to read and understand these policies/guarantees.


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Contact our business if you have questions or concerns about our animals, products, or our care and breeding practices. We look forward to hearing from you.