GFP Wild Type Axolotl

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GFP stands for Green Fluorescent Protein which is a recessive genetic trait that can be contained in any Axolotl morph. This is done by the trait simply being passed down from generation to generation. Axolotls that contain the GFP genetic is able to ‘Glow In The Dark’ when exposed to blacklight, UV, or blue light. The Axolotls can only glow vibrant green under the glow lights.

GFP Wild Type Axolotls are a combination of greens, browns, blacks, and just about any other colour with speckles of shiny gold iridophore pigment. This Axolotl usually has dark eyes with a shiny gold ring around the pupil with purple/gray gills.

Currently eating frozen Blood worms, Earthworms, and/or Axolotls pellets. Updated/current pictures and other information is available upon request.


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