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From one animal lover to another, we understand that the thought of shipping your pet could be a little frightening. For this reason, we have conducted plenty of research and have discussed with many enthusiasts and experts to find the safest shipping method. We guarantee the live arrival of your pet Axolotl. Thankfully our delivery method has proven excellence so we very rarley have any unfortunate deliveries. That being said it is not impossible, for these reasons we have a comprehensive DOA & delivery policy which can be read below or within of Terms of Service. If you require any clarification please contact us before you purchase.

When Are Axolotls Shipped?

Axolotls are only sent on Monday, Tuesday, or sometimes Wednesday. This is determined by the location the Axolotls is being shipped, weather, holidays, and backlogs. Axolotls are sent on an overnight service meaning they arrive in 1-2 days. You will be notified on which exact date your Axolotl will be shipped on. For Axolotls purchased directly from A Lot'l Axolotls: We currently suspending shipments of Axolotls with Canada Post and seeking services from Reptile Express and Reptile Runner. DOA conditions and coverage will continue to apply despite the change in courier. Subject to change without notice. Please contact us with any further questions or concerns.

Return Policy

All sales are final. Refunds and store credits are approved on an individual bases for our DOA policy or items that are out of stock. Please continue below to read our comprehensive  Guarantees, Policies, and Terms of Service. If you require any further clarification please contact us before you make your purchase. 

Wrong Shipping Address

When placing an order for an Axolotl, please ensure the address you provide is written correctly and in full. We will cut and paste the address on the package exactly how we receive it. We are not responsible for any addresses that were submitted incorrectly. If the shipment is returned to due to an undeliverable address, you must pay for the return postage (a courier charge for the return postage) and again the invoiced shipping cost for the items to be sent out to you again. If free shipping was originally offered you must now pay a shipping fee. You will not receive the package until the fees are paid in full and payment is cleared.

Bottom line: Please double-check the address.

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Package Coverage

We will automatically insure up to $100 CAD (One Hundred Dollars) of any packages lost or damaged in transit plus the shipping fees for registered packages (all registered packages come with a tracking number) free of charge. By request of the customer, the package insurance coverage can be increased to a higher value, this additional coverage is only increased upon request from the customer as a small fee will apply.


The insured $100 of coverage will be granted on a non expiring store credit only which can be used to immediately replace the items lost or damaged in transit or saved to be used at a later time. 

How Axolotls Are Shipped

Axolotls are shipped using a courier. Shipments can only be sent out Monday through Wednesday to avoid them being held in a facility over the weekend due to courier delays. You may request to send the package out on a day that is not between Monday through Wednesday. Note that this will void our DOA policy. When the package arrives, the courier will bring the package directly to your door for you to sign. If by chance you miss the courier, the package will be brought back to the closest post office for you to pick up. You must then pick up the package with a valid piece of government ID. Please ensure you are checking the tracking provided to ensure you are available when the courier arrives. 


DOA Axolotl Policy

In the unlikely occurrence of DOA (Dead On Arrival), the cost of the deceased Axolotls up to $100 (One Hundred Dollars) will be replaced. Shipping charges will not be refunded. By request of the customer only, a higher insurance coverage can be provided. A small fee will apply. On the occurrence of DOA, you must contact us within the first hour of arrival (Confirmation by the delivery time provided by the courier) with pictures or videos verifying that the Axolotl is deceased. We may not be available to reply instantly but as long as the email, voicemail, or text message timestamp is within the first hour of your delivery confirmation time you are covered. The covered amount will be put on a store credit which can be used to immediately replace the Axolotls or saved and used at a later  date. The cost of shipping is not covered and will need to be repaid at the invoiced cost. Someone must be available to sign for the package on the first delivery attempt made by the courier. Failure to sign for the package on the first attempt, modified shipping method/date (by request of the customer), and shipments that are not next-day or second-day delivery will result in a avoid guarantee.

*** Please familiarize yourself with our full Terms of Service ***

The above is not conclusive to all our the Policies, Guarantees, and Terms of Service which you agree to by conducting business with us or using our website. Please familiarize yourself with our full Terms of Service by following the link below. Contact us with any clarifications/uncertainties you may have prior to making any purchases or making an account.