Who We Are

About Us

It all started in late 2012 when Kyanna and Michael met on an online Axolotl community. Within the next couple of years, they started working together in breeding and studying Axolotls. It wasn't until 2015 that Kyanna and Michael decided to take it to the next level. A Lot’l Axolotls was then officially founded and registered with the government of Canada. A Lot'l Axolotls offers a healthy, happy, and active variety of Axolotls and related products, at a fraction of competitor prices.  Since then, A Lot'l Axolotls has become one of the largest registered Axolotl breeders and distributors in all of Canada supplying Axolotls to a very large variety of specialty pet stores, educators, zoos, and animal lovers just like you! A Lot'l Axolotls is also one of the first North American companies to begin to design and pioneer Axolotl pellets.



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Our Expertise

Of course, there we are learning new things each day. There are always new things to be learned, especially with an animal like the Axolotl that is still in its somewhat early stages in the scientific community. We understand it may be hard to find the information you are looking for; we were in your position once. For this reason, regardless if you have purchased form us or not, we offer you our knowledge and expertise in Axolotls! If you have a question or are unsure about something please feel free to contact us! we are always happy to help.

Our Locations

Originally starting as a pick up only within Toronto Canada. Since the Covid-19 pandemic we have taken the business to the internet GLOBALLY. While we still offer local pick up in in Canada we also offer local pick up in the United States through our partnered breeders. All Axolotls can be picked up locally or shipped throughout the US ad Canada, some some restrictions. All of our Axolotl related products, including pellets, can be shipped anywhere in the world.  

Our pick up locations in Toronto Canada and Dallas Texas are appointment-based only. Please contact us if you want to pick up to schedule an appointment.


Where Can We Ship?

Yes, we can ship you Axolotl. Axolotls themselves can only be shipped within  Canada and the United States. Other products such as pellets can be shipped internationally. Every purchase of an axolotl includes our knowledge on care  (If needed, A digital copy is available here on our site) and the health guaranteed! 


Note: some regions may require you to obtain a permit. We are not authorized to check or validate your documents. Our advice is to check with your local bylaw office. It is solely your responsibility to ensure you have everything aligned before purchasing. We will simply fulfil the order as requested by you.  

How Are Transactions Processed?

All payments make to A Lot'l Axolotls are processed securely through PayPal checkout . PayPal checkout allows you to pay safely and securely using the payment method of your choice. All related Axolotl care and food products on our website should be purchased directly through the website check out. Live Animals like Axolotls require a custom invoice. All sales are final. Refunds and store credits are approved on an individual bases for our DOA policy or items that are out of stock. Please see our Guarantees, Policies, and Terms of Service for further information. If you require any further clarification please contact us before you make your purchase.