Aquarium Decorations Plants, 9Pcs Artificial Fish Tank Plants and Rock Decor Set



About this item

  • 【Premium Quality】 Our plastic aquarium plants and Cave Rock Decorations are crafted from soft, edge-free materials, ensuring the safety of your fish. These fish tank plants are resistant to fading and pose no threat to water quality, creating a comfortable and pristine living environment for your aquatic pets.
  • 【A Slice of Nature】 Our aquarium decorations perfectly replicate the natural underwater habitat. Once submerged in the tank, they seamlessly blend in, making it hard to believe they are made of plastic. The supple leaves provide an ideal playground for your fish, allowing them to swim and hide with ease.
  • 【The Perfect Combo】 This set includes 1 piece of Resin Rockery Fish Tank Accessories and 8 assorted heights of aquarium green plants, offering a total of 8 distinct colors and styles of fish tank decorations ranging from 1.57 inches to 11inches in height.
  • 【Sturdy Bases for Stability】 Each fish tank plant in this set comes with a solid base, preventing them from floating around in the aquarium. These decorations are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater setups. Prior to use, we recommend soaking the fish tank decorations in water for 10-15 minutes for optimal results.
  • 【Versatile Applications】 To save you time and effort, we’ve curated a variety of styles, sizes, and colors of aquarium products that can be placed in aquariums of various sizes, as well as in homes, offices, and other settings. Treat your pet fish to a beautiful underwater world, enriching their lives with more excitement and happiness. It’s like an amusement park for them!


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